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Fly High with Ease: Delta Airlines and More Now Accept Affirm for Stress-Free Travel

Are you eager to travel again, but hesitant to book your plane tickets due to the crazy spike in plane ticket costs? We have fantastic news for you! Delta Airlines, along with other esteemed international carriers, has revolutionized the way you can pay for your flights using Affirm. Say goodbye to credit card worries and embrace a simpler, more convenient method of booking your dream adventure!


With Affirm, your dream of traveling the world is now more attainable than ever. Here’s how it works:


  1. Choose your destination: Whether you are traveling with us on one of our VIVE Group trips or we have organized a personal trip for you – you can use Affirm to purchase your plane tickets.


  1. Select your flight: Always make sure you are booking directly on the airline website. ( Third party sites like Expedia or Orbitz can be detrimental to your travel plans if there are hiccups with your airline so always book direct! ) 


  1. Choose “Affirm” at checkout: Say goodbye to the stress of credit cards and opt for Affirm as your trusted payment method. This innovative solution ensures a seamless booking process, providing peace of mind and financial freedom.


  1. Tailor your payment plan: Affirm allows you to divide your total flight cost into manageable monthly payments. Simply choose the plan that best fits your budget and bid farewell to the stress of large upfront fees and crazy interest charges. You can even spread your payments out over a years time!


Let’s face it. There is NEVER a perfect time to travel. With busy lives, things always pop up and your travel dreams get pushed to the back burner.

You have to make that first step to put your trip into action and trust us … the rest falls into place.

Tired of  saying “Someday” and ready to up level your life story?

Affirm is a game changer and perfect for today’s world. 


At VIVE,  we understand that wanderlust should never be hindered by financial stress. As passionate travel enthusiasts ourselves, we are thrilled to partner with Delta Airlines and other reputable carriers to offer our customers this new and easy way to fulfill their travel dreams.


Which Airlines Offer Affirm at Check Out?


Visit Affirm’s Travel Section of their website to view the current airlines that let you book with Affirm. It’s that easy! As of today, Delta, United + American Airlines offer seamless checkout for International travel.


Feel free to reach out to us at VIVE : We are your travel experts and here to answer any questions when it comes to booking travel.


We can’t wait to see your dreams take flight!

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